Rabbinic Directory

These rabbis look forward to helping you. Their names are organized according to region. You can also input your location in the search bar, so you can see which rabbi(s) serve your area.The rabbis in this directory have affirmed that they are qualified both religiously and by their local government to officiate at a Jewish wedding.

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Rabbi Eli Abadie

New York,N/A,United Arab Emirates

Email: ravmd1@gmail.com

Telephone: 917-407-5660

Rabbi Yitzchok Adler

Weset Hartford,Connecticut,USA

Email: rabbiy@comcast.net

Telephone: 860-236-7966

Rabbi Nisan Andrews


Email: rabbiandrews@gmail.com

Telephone: 610-433-6089

Rabbi Dovid Asher


Email: eplotnick@kbirva.com

Telephone: 804-288-7953

Rabbi Zsolt Balla


Email: moti.balla@gmail.com

Telephone: 49 176 24907512

Rabbi Eliezer Bercuson


Email: ebercuson@maimonides.org

Telephone: 617-232-4452 Ext. 200

Rabbi Tuvia Brander

West Hartford,Connecticut,USA

Email: rabbi@youngisraelwh.org

Telephone: 860-233-3084

Rabbi Nesanayl Braun

Long Branch,New Jersey,USA

Email: rabbi@brothersisrael.org

Telephone: 917-699-9419

Rabbi Noah Cheses


Email: rabbi@yisharon.org

Telephone: 2038005795

Rabbi Yisroel Ciner


Email: rabbic@bethjacobirvine.org

Telephone: 949-387-0405

Rabbi Eliezer Shai Di Martino


Email: eliezershai@hotmail.com

Telephone: 00410797884247

Rabbi Barry Dolinger

Providence,Rhode Island,USA

Email: rabbi@bethsholom-ri.org

Telephone: 516-902-6346

Rabbi Pini Dunner

Beverly Hills,California,USA

Email: pinidunner@gmail.com

Telephone: 310-499-3407

Rabbi Roy Feldman

New York,New York,USA

Email: rabbiroy@gmail.com

Telephone: 646-402-5546

Rabbi Dov Fischer


Email: ravesq@cox.net

Telephone: 949-300-8899

Rabbi Mark Fishman


Email: rabbifishman@bethtikvah.ca

Telephone: 514-974-1836

Rabbi Zev Goldberg

Fort Lee,New Jersey,USA

Email: rabbigoldberg@yiftlee.org

Telephone: 310-922-0784

Rabbi Yechiel Goldreich


Email: ygoldreich@hotmail.com

Telephone: 647-898-4345

Rabbi Yonah Gross


Email: rygross@gmail.com

Telephone: 484-318-9303

Rabbi Avi Heller

Teaneck,New Jersey,USA

Email: rabbiaviheller@gmail.com

Telephone: 617-913-8145

Rabbi Steven M. Kapnick

Passaic,New Jersey,USA

Email: rsmk@usa.net

Telephone: 973-685-7374

Rabbi Maury Kelman

Bradley Beach,New Jersey,USA

Email: maury@oldschoolfund.com

Telephone: 212-316-5762

Rabbi Doniel Kramer

Brooklyn,New York,USA

Email: dzkramer@hotmail.com

Telephone: 718-252-3865

Rabbi Moshe Kurtz


Email: rabbikurtz@cas-stamford.org

Telephone: (203) 358-2200