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You are getting married, you are busy planning your wedding, and you are looking for just the right rabbi to officiate.You want someone who is both traditional and relatable and welcoming.

We are here to help: to help with your wedding, to help you embark on the new chapter of your lives,and to help eagerly welcome your new family into the Jewish community.

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Community Resources

Organization for the Resolution of Agunot (ORA)

ORA seeks to eliminate abuse from the Jewish divorce process. ORA works within the parameters of Jewish law and civil law to advocate for the timely and unconditional issuance of a get. ORA believes that the protracted refusal to issue or receive a get is a form of domestic abuse which must never be tolerated. ORA seeks to foster a Jewish community in which a get is never used as a weapon. Visit for more information

Project One Step Forward: The Jewish Divorce Resource Line

One Step Forward (OSF) is a special project of ORA providing support, guidance, and resources to anyone going through the Jewish divorce process. Our mission is to empower individuals to make well-informed decisions at every stage of their journey and avoid the deterioration of the divorce process into a situation of Get-refusal.

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Order a Ketubah


Based in New York City (but operating online), Orthodox Ketubot has a large selection of Orthodox Ketubot. We take pride in our perfectionism.

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Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing:
Why Genetic Screening Matters

Anyone can be a genetic disease carrier. Being a carrier of a genetic disease means that you do not typically have symptoms.

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